7 best sustainable gift ideas

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Every day we are happier to discover new gift ideas for sustainable products with a positive impact for you and the planet.

Tell me what you give and I will tell you who you are and what world you want to live in. Gifts are an opportunity to get excited about a better world. 

At this point, you will be from one place to another looking for original gift ideas right?

Before you possess the collective hysteria of compulsive purchase and consumption, breathe and take a look at this post with 7 sustainable, original and surprising original gift ideas.

In addition to these tips that you will find in the post, today I wanted to give you several ideas of original, thematic, handmade, sustainable gifts, and especially with a background behind. 

Usually, there are Christmas, wedding anniversary, valentine, and birthday gifts that sometimes are not used, end up in the trash, forgotten in the bottom of a drawer or become undesirable ponds. Often, by tradition, gift-giving is established, assuming an economic expense and a generation of totally unnecessary waste. 

That is why today we offer you 7 ideas of practical, original, ecological and sustainable gifts to help us take care of our planet! 

1.Collapsible straw
This is a very wonderful gift for your loved one who is an eco-lover travel every time. So, he doesn’t have to be buying plastic straws every now and then. Plastic straws end up in the garbage bin, at best, in the gutter, at worst, and most importantly are not recycled. Projects to replace them with non-polluting alternatives are increasing! 
Plastic straws have become undesirable: actions are multiplying to reduce their use or even make them disappear. And we understand why. The United Kingdom, which holds the sad first place in the world, would use 8.8 billion straws each year. 

telescopic straw

Finally, you get this world's first foldable reusable straw that when folded up fits in a case small enough to fit on a keychain! Being retractable it does not occupy much space while it is stored in the case but then it can be lengthened and used without problems in any type of container. 

Gifting someone with this will always make the person remember you whenever he/she is using it to drink. Why not get one for your spouse? This will make him think about you always.  

2. Wooden cutlery 
This is one of the most talk-about surprising and sustainable original gift ideas. Original wooden cutlery, beautiful design and eco-friendly! The cutlery is made of bamboo wood from sustainably managed forests. This will also serve as cutlery that is both practical and decorative. It is ethical and fun to eat with it! 
In a world whose habitat is increasingly threatened, it is essential to become aware of our impact on the planet. There are many small gestures that we can adapt to be more environmentally friendly, such as reducing our consumption of plastics. 
Remember that wooden cutlery is disposable, and it is also a compostable resource. This means that you will be helping the environment when you use this type of cutlery. In addition, there are no harmful chemicals in the wooden cutlery so you can feel good knowing that you are offering your friends, family an opportunity to use safe products. 

3. Metal Straw 
A perfect gift to reduce plastic consumption and help improve the environment. 
Each straw comes in an individual case that is very easy to transport, and also has a small brush that facilitates its internal washing. 
Its purchase and use are highly recommended since it is a very hygienic product that helps the environment. 
More than 13 billion plastic straws are thrown all around the globe every year, something that reaches the seas and damages the ecosystem. The use of reusable straws such as this product decreases this damage.

4. Linen shopping bag 

Recently in My-Tech-Home, we have introduced this new product in our sustainable product line. We can’t list all the sustainable gift ideas without adding this shopping bag. It is an ideal gift for mums and ladies who shop daily.

It is durable and can be used as many times as you want. And also hygienic, when it gets dirty you can wash it and continue enjoying your shopping. As we all know, plastic bags do not last at all, the fabric ones guarantee you long-term durability and will withstand more weight and long distances.

Using a linen cloth bag you will avoid buying plastic bags that are increasingly expensive, both in stores and in supermarkets. Buying linen bags for your wife, mum, girlfriend or workmate is a very good way to save and not have to pay another bag every time you make a new purchase. 

5. Beeswax wrap 
If you want to minimize or eliminate the use of plastic wrap and bags, beeswax wraps will be a step towards the waste-free lifestyle. 

Aluminum foil or paper film represents a great environmental problem since it is used for a very short time and a large number of resources are necessary for its manufacture and recycling. What is better than a wrap that we can reuse again and again. There are different possibilities: snack wrap, snack bag, etc. 
Wrap your fruits, vegetables, cheese, and bread or pack a sandwich for your next adventure. It is folded into pockets for nuts and berries, rolled into popcorn stick cones or simply covers and seals a bowl or bottle. Ideal for children's lunch boxes. Perfect ecological gift for anyone. 

6. Stainless steel lunch box 
This lunchbox is definitely a gift for a lifetime. Unlike plastic ones, which wear out and release toxic particles, stainless steel lunch boxes are shock resistant, durable and toxic-free. There are a thousand types, shapes, and sizes.

7. Bamboo toothbrush 
It is estimated that a person throughout his life will use about 250 toothbrushes. If they are plastic, they cannot be recycled, which generates a large amount of plastic waste. 
Bamboo toothbrushes are the ecological alternative to conventional brushes. They are biodegradable and their production is sustainable and respectful of the environment. An economic gift, but a huge impact for the planet. 


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